Shopify VS Wix – The Best Ecommerce Website Builder

Choosing the best ecommerce builder for your business is the most critical decision for any business out there. This requires a lot of research and investment in terms of time, money and resources. Therefore, a wrong decision may cost you a lot. It is important to research well, and to know what your business requirements are. A website builder that doesn’t suit your business idea will be of no use for the business. This article will provide a comparison between two of the leading ecommerce website builders in the market, Shopify and Wix.


Shopify is a name that is not new in the ecommerce market. With a passage of time, Shopify has quickly evolved to being one of the best ecommerce website builders in the market. It provides services to more than 600,000 customers globally, and is still becoming a go-to option for businesses that prefer simplicity and ease to be the top thing in an ecommerce platform.

When we talk about its features, Shopify provides you with 100+ themes, plug-ins, unique designs, inventory management, product management, 24/7 customer support and what not.

Interestingly, Shopify allows you to set up your ecommerce store in just a few clicks. It is super-efficient and simple.

The price plan starts from $29 per month, which is the Shopify Basic Plan and ranges to $299 per month, which is the Shopify Advanced Plan.


Wix is another amazing and feature-rich ecommerce website builder which is easy to use. Some of the amazing features it comes with include: flexibility to use, unique templates, you can choose from hundreds of website apps as well as animate text. You can get Wix for free, however, if you need any additional features you can upgrade to other price plans such as combo plan, unlimited plan or VIP plan.

Furthermore, it has an easy drag and drop option which allows you to drag and drop elements wherever you want. You can expect a secure platform and in case of any query you can reach out to the customer support team at any time.

However, if we compare both of them, Shopify is one of the leading ecommerce website builder that is preferred by most individuals. It is best in terms of every aspect, whether its customer service, the features it provides or the user-interface. Also, you can choose a less costly package if you’re on a tight budget.

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